Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday (a little late)

This weeks Thankful Thursday is dedicated to Paula, my "Scavenger Hunt Swap" upstream pal.

My package arrived Friday and I waited until Sunday when I was home to open it. First of all it came with kitty kat packaging tape - way cool.

When I opened it up WOW - it was soooo pretty inside that I just sat and knitted while looking down for about an hour enjoying how pretty it was! Than, wanting to enjoy it that much longer, I finally opened 1 item - the "Something Local".

This bag is beautiful!!! I was so enthused that after looking at how it was constructed (you can always tell a sewer, they check out construction). I than though of Tricia and that she would probably like it too. So I had to hop up right away and start my posting for the week.
(by the way, Paula has written out all the instructions, visit her at her blog
and look, I did the linky thingy TWICE)


So, today I am miserable (feeling icky) so I decided to make myself feel better by opening the rest of the box......oooohhhhhh

Paula sent me

  • * some short sock needles, which I've been eyeing to purchase myself.
  • * A cute "black sheep" tape measure, which I've wanted but won't buy myself (funny the things we will and won't purchase sometimes isn't it).
  • * Some of my favorite chocolate and the cutest "Green" choc frog.

*A really cute pair of "french fry" stitch markers (which I will take a pic of but I want to get this posted)

* And THIS beautiful skein of yarn. In Blue (imagine, me and blue) 450 beautiful yards of "Smooshy" goodness... I might be able to get 2 pair of summer socks out of it, we'll see.

Thank You Paula, you make my week!

So, in other news, since its taken me a week to get this up - finished ACLS class this weekend. One of those things required my job, but something that I really never use (I have a Dr. in the ER at all times, I will never do 90% of what they teach). So every time I have to recert (2 yrs) it is very stressful and it is only done on days... yes I was up at 6am 2 days in a row. I did pass, thank God - and I did repeatedly, and I have now taken my nap.

Chat soon all - btw, its teasing spring - 40 degrees and sunny.



Paula said...

Karrie, I'm really glad you enjoyed what I Scavenged up for you. It was fun.

Hasbu said...

What a great package!

kasiaiscarly said...

nice package! please make sure you post on the group blog. you can just make a link to your blog if you like, so that everyone can ooh and aw!!

Anonymous said...

I do love the bag! I'm going to check it out! (great job on the linky thing!) I forgot to tell you I think that your crocheted sweater is beautiful. It looks comfy and warm and pretty. The package looks very fun too. Aren't those surprise packages fun to get?

Leah said...

That is a lovely package. I too love that little bag. I wish I could sew! I might try making it anyway...

Danielle said...

Yeah for you on the wonderful package of goodies :) It sounds like Paula really did a superb job!

Yippe for linky success!