Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yes I owe you all a post.

I think summer... i.e., life is finally catching up with me. I am so frigging exhausted I have been dragging myself around the last 4/5 days.

I am so looking forward to waving the kids off to school so I can just sleep without guilt.

Nothing new on the job front.

Happy Labor Day Weekend All :)
P.S. cute kitty pic - this is Panther -- one of four fuzzy residents in my zoo.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Job?????

We'll see.

OB had a posting again so I put in for it.

The ER is currently the pits. And while no job is perfect, crying on your way to work is usually a signal that something has to change. So.... we'll see.

God's will be done!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Were off to Band Camp tomorrow - and I am really looking forward to it. Plan on a couple of yarn shop stops on the way, have packed plenty of projects (I hope). I figure I have roughly 30+ hours of knitting time this next week (YIPPEE).

I had promised some pics, sorry it took so long.....
This is the shrug that I ran out of yarn for and added some linen to the sleeves.

I expect it will look better in the winter with long sleeves than it does now.

I had mentioned that I was working on the backyard earlier in July. This is the area that I did. We laid black landscaping paper over the grass and than the mulch. In the far corner I have Iris' planted... to the far left are Brown-Eyed Susan's and where the chair is Vinca Vine.
Will post more when we return
Happy Days,

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hello All

Yes, I promised a bit about vacation and will post (probably next week). I just can't seem to get it all together...... again.

Vaca was great - got lot accomplished.

Its back to work now so I will be almost non-existent for the next 6 days then I am home for 3 and off to band camp for 5.

Until next week -