Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ut Oh

I was a not so good girl.

I ordered myself a ball winder and spinning thing.

I ordered yarn to make a skirt.

I (finally) used my discount coupon and gift certificate to order from Blue Moon (like that's suppose to make it better)

and none of it was for gifts.... it is all for meeeeee.

Maya Co pa


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday


Last week when I was at work, the RN Recruiter for our Main hospital in the system came through the ER on a totally unrelated task. I spoke with her for a few minutes, she told me about a OB position at Main and gave me her card with the instructions to forward a transfer request and resume. Which I did. The next AM when I arrived home.

So it being one week almost to the hour today, I called to follow-up.

While I have not been invited for an interview yet, the conversation was very positive and I am hoping to be invited for said interview in the next couple weeks.

Amond some of the other things she said to me "Divine Intervention" was one.

She mentioned that ER nurses are one of the best fits for OB as were used to ever changing playing fields, life and death and taking all in stride like the post has just been delivered. SO, the conversation has uplifted me that there may be the possibility of change in my near future and not just distant future. Which is good cause I'm off to the "yucky place" in an hour and can do so with a little more hope.

Will keep you posted :)


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nothing New

Hard to believe that in 8 days nothing can be new. As I type this I realize that there are a couple, but nothing necessarily positive.

My car decided that it needed that little extra attention this weekend, so off to the shop she went for a few hoses (cooling type), new window motor and oil change. Can you say cha-ching. Why is it when your trying to pay bills off you seem to acquire even more.

Danielle from "A Knitting Mom" has disappeared, right out of blog land. No notice, no nothing. So Danielle, if you're reading, I'm missing you!!!

Work is work, lets move on.

I did run into the Nurse Recruiter for our main hospital last week. Spoke with her regarding a transfer and she did clue me in on a position that was going to be posted. I have sent all my paperwork over and am waiting (again) to hear something.

Other than that? I'm cleaning and doing laundry. Oh what a life I lead :)


Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello All

So I've been back at work.

Didn't get the Mother/Baby job, they promoted from within. Waiting to see if they post a part time position. Spoke with someone from Alaska yesterday who told me she would hire me for a month in an intern position. Giving it some serious consideration for next summer. Real serious consideration. I mean what an opportunity!

If you don't have a 15 YO yet, let me tell you its NOT a joy. And if you do have one, do you have any pearls of wisdom? I seriously do not currently like my child much.

Other than that I'm working and knitting. Plan to hit the camper this coming weekend, hoping to get some serious knitting done. Only have a couple more weekends before we close up. Have the "Vintage socks about 1/2 done. All the leaves & one sock. I have to do sock #2 and attach all the cuff leaves.

Well its off to the yucky place, happy days all.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


So, whats up?

My mom and dad are headed down to Florida for the next 6 months - they are orphaning me again. I really don't know why they want to play with hurricanes, I think its the Mickey Mouse pull.....

Have heard nothing really about the job. Well, I did stop in at HR last week and was told "unofficially" that there had been an internal person interested, but that she had declined the position so they would be interviewing. I am going back to talk to HR tomorrow, hopefully for good news.

Went shopping on Friday. Like to pick up at least 1 "outfit" per season, so I have something to wear that actually fits and is in style should I have someplace to wear it. I'm am now working on some knitting to accentuate it -- will post when complete.

That's about it. Starting to think "fall". Closing the camper, changing gears, redecorating, etc....

Chat soon

Friday, September 5, 2008

My life returns

So what does one do once their children go back to school, and they are recovered from sleep deprivation?


Off to the mall with Mom.

We have decided to stay home this weekend as there are sooo many things to catch up on (laundry and house cleaning top the bill). I think its the first weekend that I've been off and home since May.

Lets see how much I can get my act together.
:) K

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Excuse me I'm doing my happy dance....


Oh yeah, the post.

Kids went back to school today (more dancing).

This might sound really awful, and I actually love having the extra time with my children, but we ALL need the structure that school gives us! (and I need to be able to clean without someone going immediately behind me messing it up!)

I wish there was year round school with breaks every 10 weeks so I could add more quality to the time with my children. 11 weeks off is hard to fill and keep them busy. But alas that is what we have. Added a few more lessons to put in place next year. Hopefully it will be better.

My baby starts middle school this year. WOW, no more elementary! Lissa is a Sophomore. That is really hitting me. She'll be graduating in 2 years. OH MY!!! OHHHH MY!! I'm not ready for this, I need to go lie down :)